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How To Use Brown Sugar For Skin Care

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Brown Sugar for Skin Care

Brown sugar is all the rage in the health care industry. But it is also a miracle food item for skin care. Brown sugar is definitely a nutritious substitute to the regular white sugar. White sugar plays havoc on your skin and body while brown sugar supplies the it with some important nutrients. In fact, brown sugar contains Vitamin B6, choline and folate. These vitamins are required for keeping skin radiant and glowing.


Consume Brown Sugar For Skin Care

1. Research has proven that white sugar is a true skin scavenger. It has even been proven to play a significant role in aging. Brown sugar, on the other hand, contains vitamins like niacin and betaine. These vitamins aid in maintaining the health of skin cells.

2. Moreover, brown sugar contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. These minerals are important for keeping skin rejuvenated. They also help in delivering oxygen to the skin cells.

3. Brown sugar also contains small amounts of protein which is necessary for keeping skin taut and supple.

So go ahead and throw away the white sugar jar from your kitchen shelf. Substitute regular sugar in all your favorite dessert recipes with brown sugar. Also, add it to your porridge, use it for frosting and in practically everything else where you might have had to use the regular white sugar. However, remember to keep sugar consumption in check. Excess of even brown sugar can turn unhealthy for your skin health.

Also, try to buy high quality organic brown sugar whenever possible. While there may be cheaper varieties available at the fraction of the cost, they are usually packed with many harmful impurities that can prove destructive to skin health.


Apply Brown Sugar For Skin Care

Topical application of brown sugar can help in removing dead and dull skin cells. It can also soften and hydrate skin from within.

1. You can prepare your own skin polishing scrub by mixing brown sugar with equal amounts of fresh cream and olive oil. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to make the mixture smell wonderful. Use this scrub all over face and body in gentle circular movements until sugar granules dissolve completely. Do not use this scrub more than once a week.

2. You can also mix powdered brown sugar with fresh cream or yogurt. Add a few drops of wheat germ and bergamot essential oils to the mixture and apply all over face and neck. Keep the mask for about 30 minutes and then remove by massaging in gentle circular movements. Wash off with warm water. This is an excellent anti-aging treatment which also hydrates and softens skin.

3. An excellent remedy for darkened knees and elbows is to rub lemon halves with brown sugar on the affected areas until sugar granules melt completely. Lemon helps lighten darkened skin while brown sugar removes accumulated dead skin cells.

Do all this and try to make brown sugar a way of life. Soon your skin will be grateful and so will be your waistline!


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How To Use Brown Sugar For Skin Care