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How To Use Vanilla For Skin Care

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Vanilla For Skin Care

Vanilla, the wonderfully aromatic spice, can delight any soul with its enticing fragrance. But vanilla is more than a true delight to the senses, it is packed with nutrients that help in keeping skin healthy and glowing. Vanilla contains riboflavin, niacin and Vitamin B6. These vitamins play a very important role in maintaining and enhancing the radiance of skin. Read on to know more about the skin healthy properties of the most expensive spice...


Consume Vanilla for Beautiful Skin

1. Regular consumption of vanilla beans can provide the body with important minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and manganese. These minerals not only help in skin cell renewal but also aid in delivering oxygen to individual skin cells.

2. The main component in vanilla beans in vanillin. Vanillin is believed to have significant anti-inflammatory properties, which makes vanilla beans excellent for consumption during inflammatory skin conditions.

However, an important thing you should remember is to use fresh and organic vanilla beans in cooking instead of the highly processed extracts and essences. The extensive processing through which the extracts and essences are derived serves to deplete and destroy most nutritional components of vanilla.

So wait no more! Head to the kitchen and experiment with a new recipe using vanilla beans.


Apply Vanilla for skin Care

1. Topical application of vanilla can help in moisturizing and hydrating skin. It can also help in sloughing away dead and damaged skin cells, bringing about a radiant glow to the complexion.

2. Moreover, vanilla has a soothing effect on skin which makes it especially beneficial for use on sun-damaged and inflamed skin.

3. Take one or two vanilla beans and boil in some water. Boil until liquid reduce to half. Strain and set aside. Use this liquid as a toner on your face and neck. Apply several times a day for best results. It will help in softening and hydrating skin.

4. You can combine one-half vanilla oil with one-half coconut oil on a double boiler. Add bees wax granules and stir until completely dissolved. Let the mixture cool and set. You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. You can use this home-made moisturizer all over face and body to get smooth and glowing skin.

Follow all these tips and you would become the talk of the town in no time!


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How To Use Vanilla For Skin Care