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How To Use Strawberry For Skin Care

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Strawberry For Skin Care

Strawberry is a hugely popular choice for skin care. This wonderful and pretty looking fruit has one of the highest antioxidant compositions in Nature which makes it an excellent anti-aging food. It is packed with Vitamins A, C and E that together protect the skin from environmental and photo-damage while also preventing signs of aging from setting in. Read on to know how to use the delicious fruit for healthy skin...


Eat Strawberry for Smooth and Glowing Skin

Regular consumption of strawberry will provide your body with Vitamins B, K, choline, betaine and folate. All these vitamins play a very crucial role in keeping skin smooth and supple. Moreover, the presence of essential minerals like iron, potassium, magnesium, selenium and zinc help in keeping skin cells rejuvenated and healthy.

If you love your skin, then there is no better time to start with making strawberry a part of your life than now. In case you begin feeling bored simply munching on these succulent fruits, you can always go ahead and experiment with various strawberry recipes.


Apply Strawberry for Youthful and Radiant Skin

Strawberry contains naturally occurring salicylic acid which is an excellent exfoliating agent. It has gained significant repute in the medical world for being highly beneficial in treating acne skin conditions. Salicylic acid also renders significant skin lightening benefits to the skin.

Before you head out to the departmental store for buying an OTC salicylic acid formulation, try out this natural recipe for attaining the skin of your dreams.

Strawberry Massage

Take a blender container and mix together 4-5 strawberry fruits, 1 tablespoon yogurt, 1/2 teaspoon honey and 2-3 drops of wheat germ essential oil in it. Process the ingredients to form a smooth and thick paste.

Massage with the mixture for about 5-15 minutes every day after cleansing skin. This strawberry massage, if done with regularity, will keep skin nourished and hydrated, while also removing dead skin cells and surface impurities. It will also increase blood circulation imparting a natural glow to your skin.

Hence, go ahead and do your strawberry massage. Eat the fruit whenever you need a snack or enjoy different strawberry dishes with your family. A GLOWING YOU will come about effortlessly then!


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How To Use Strawberry For Skin Care