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How To Use Sweet Potato For Skin Care

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Sweet Potato for Skin Care

Sweet potato is a true super food item for skin care. What makes it so virtuous is the fact that it is loaded with Vitamins A, B and C which are essential for keeping skin healthy and radiant. Moreover, the anti-oxidant properties of sweet potato helps in fighting against all sorts of free radical damage; protecting. Besides, sweet potatoes contain Anthocyanin and other color related pigments that provide anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin. No wonder it is highly recommended for people suffering from skin problems like acne. Read on to know how to use this root veggie for radiant skin...


Eat Sweet Potato for Flawless Skin

There can’t be a more delicious recommendation than this but regular consumption of the delectable sweet potato can keep skin healthy and glowing.

Studies have proven that sweet potato is highly effective in keeping skin nourished and replenished from within.

But it is advisable to consume steamed or boiled sweet potatoes, since they retain maximum nutrients, as opposed to the ones cooked using a different method.

If you love your skin, make sure that you have enough of this delightful vegetable by eating it on its own or by preparing various dishes keeping it as the main ingredient. Smooth and supple skin is promised!


Apply Sweet Potato for Radiant Skin

Sweet Potato Water

In case you are boiling sweet potato, do not throw away the water. It is packed with nutrients that can improve your skin texture and color.

After boiling remove sweet potato and pour the water in a small bowl. Allow the water to cool and then dip cotton ball in it. Apply to your face and neck.

This sweet potato water acts as an excellent toner for skin. It absorbs impurities and deep cleanses pores, while also soothing irritated skin.

You can store the water in a bottle and keep in the refrigerator. Use it several times a day in place of your regular toner.


Sweet Potato Face Pack

Sweet potato face pack can help in delivering vital nutrients directly to the dermal layers.

To prepare this pack, take a blender container and mix together 1/4 cup washed and peeled sweet potato cubes, 1 tablespoon oatmeal powder and yogurt. Blend to form a smooth and thick paste.

Apply the mixture to your face and neck. Keep for about 20-25 minutes and then wash off with warm water.



Follow all the above mentioned recommendations. In no time your skin will be glowing with unmatched beauty!



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How To Use Sweet Potato For Skin Care