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Tips to prepare cleansing cream

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Hi,, lovers.

Here, is a tip to prepare cleansing cream at home, as follows;


Ingredients ,

3 teaspoons bees wax,

4 teaspoons coconut oil,

5 teaspoons mineral oil or olive oil, 4 tablespoons cucumber juice,

1 teaspoon glycerine, a pinch of borax,

1 drop green colouring, Melt the oils and wax in the usual way over a pan of boiling water, simultaneously heat the cucumber juice, glycerine, colouring and borax in a separate bowl,Ensure that the borax dissolves thoroughly. when the contents of both the bowls are melted and warm, add water drop by drop to oil stirring continuously. Now remove it from the heat and beat until the mixture thickens and cools.Keep the cream in the refrigerator as cucumber juice gets bad quickly. Make the cream in small quantity.

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Tips To Prepare Cleansing Cream