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Soybean Oil For Hair Care

Soybean oil Soybean is naturally “full of the beans” and, using its essence in the form of soybean oil for hair, reiterates the health benefits of the oil at the cosmetic level. Generally used in salad dressings, shortening and margarine, the oil exhibits numerous attributes for both hair and skin care. Used extensively in aromatherapies, and hailed for its nutrient value, which enhances hair quality, applying soybean on hair is extremely beneficial. Let us see how:


Benefits of Soybean oil on the hair

•    Soybean oil because of its moisturizing properties is found in many skin and hair care products. It can also be used in hot-oil treatments as a solution to dry and damaged hair. Therefore, scalp dryness with brittle hair or hair-loss can be countered with good hydrating attributes, which soybean oil has in lump sum.

•    As mentioned, soybean oil is used extensively in aromatherapies for one reason; it has the properties of carrier oil. By carrier oil, we mean that category of oils, to which essential oils can be added. Soybean oil also dilutes essential oils and blends with them uniformly, without upsetting their individual properties. Massaging with the oil is also seen to improve blood circulation in the scalp, thereby stimulating the hair follicles.

•    Another vital benefit of soybean oil for hair care is that it is enriched with essential hair nutrients and lipids that make the oil easily absorbable. The easy absorption of the oil ensures that the nutrients present in the oil are channeled to the hair follicles thus strengthening the hair-roots and nourishing them in and out. Additionally, soybean is also fortified with proteins, which form the main constituent of hair as well. So topical application of the oil supplemented with a healthy diet ensures that your hair remains strong and lustrous.

•    Using soybean bean on the hair also helps to treat frizz because of the oils’ deep conditioning properties. Frizz usually develops due to dry scalp leading to dry hair. Applying the oil generates softness and helps to overcome frizz.

Now that we know the benefits of soybean oil for hair care, let us gather a few tips on how to use it.


Treatment plan with soybean oil for hair care


•    Mix a few drops of the desired essential oil with ½ a cup of soybean oil and apply it on your scalp.

•    Massage the scalp nicely using your fingertips.

•    Rinse well with a shampoo.

The above-mentioned treatment plan with soybean oil should be regular to see the desired result.

So with the tips on how to use soybean oil for hair care, give your hair a proteinaceous  

boost from the oil, so it bounces as if “full of the beans”!

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Soybean Oil For Hair Care