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Corn Oil for hair Care

Corn oil If you seek sheen for your hair, then add to it, a glimmer of corn oil because using corn oil for hair expounds numerous hair-care benefits. Specifically used in hot oil treatments, corn oil is a composite of various fatty acids and nutrients such as vitamin E. Therefore, topical application of corn oil on hair, can give your crowning glory, the soft ‘n’ silk sheen of a lifetime.


Benefits of corn oil on the hair

•    Corn oil gives your hair the benefits of Vitamin E- a natural moisturizer and an antioxidant. These twin properties of the vitamin help to keep the hair follicles hydrated, well nourished, and prevent premature aging. Antioxidant properties trap the free radicals in the system, which cause cell damage. Thus, hair-fall resulting from free-radical action or dryness can be combated with corn oil.

•    Another vital benefit of the oil is that it has both omega3 and omega fatty acids, which are crucial for cell functioning, though omega6 presence is higher in degree. These are the essential fatty acids, which do not naturally occur in the body but have to be supplemented through diet. Omega3 fatty acid controls inflammation and prevents the scalp going dry or flaky. Omega6 fatty acids play and equally important role in life-processes and the right balance between the two fatty acids can boost hair health. Being important constituents of cell structure helping in the transport of fat, deficiency of either of these can lead to brittle hair or hair fall.

•    Vitamin K present in corn oil also proves its benefits for hair care. A blood-coagulating vitamin, it is produced by the intestines and helps in the absorption of calcium, which in turn is important to prevent hair –loss.

•    Corn is also popularly used in cooking but being high in omega6, it is recommended to take in additional dietary supplements of omega3 to maintain the right balance between the two fatty acids.

Now that we know the benefits of corn, let us gather some tips to use it.


Treatment plan with corn oil for hair care

•    Heat corn oil for half—a-minute and massage it on your scalp using your fingertips.

•    Allow it stay for 15 minutes or more.

•    Rinse with a shampoo.’

After regular use of corn oil for hair, feel the softness and admire the luster, making your hair the crowning glory of every occasion.

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Corn Oil For Hair Care