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Black Tea For Hair Growth

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Black tea for hair growthBlack tea is very helpful for hair growth. It strengthens the root, treats the dandruff, and helps in restoring the shine. You must be wondering as how a tea used by us as a beverage can have so many valuable effects on hair. Read further to have detailed information on it.


What Are The Benefits Of Black Tea For Hair

Black tea is rich in caffeine content. The caffeine present in it is very effective in blocking DHT - a hormone responsible for the loss of hairs. It also stimulates the hair follicles and reduces the shedding of hair. In this way black tea promotes the growth of hair and helps in

  • Softening of hair
  • Reducing the hair loss
  • Darkening of hair
  • Restoring shine and color of hair


How To Use Black Tea For Hair Growth


Black Tea For Easy Detangling Of Hair

Take 4 cups of hot water and dip two black tea bags in it. Swirl the tea bag until the water turns black. Allow the water to cool and then put it on your hair. Leave the water on your hair for few minutes and then gently comb your hair. You would find less breakage and less hair loss.


Tea Rinse For Less Hair Loss

Prepare a black tea as mentioned above and squeeze one lemon into it. Apply the mixture to the hair and massage your scalp. After few minutes go for shampoo, you would find less hair loss. Apart from this, you can also rinse your hair with black tea after using shampoo and conditioner. It would strengthen the hair follicles and slow down the process of hair loss. However, do not apply black tea rinse more than once a week as it causes dryness.


Black Tea As A Hair Dye

Black tea has a dyeing effect on the hair. It adds shine and highlights the hair. To use it as a natural dye, brew two cups of strong tea and apply it on damp shampooed hair. It would help in darkening of the hair. However, if you want to add different shade to the hair, use it with henna. The natural ingredient present in black tea and henna would bring a notable difference in the color of your hair without any damage.


Controlling Dandruff With Black Tea

You can also use black tea for removing dandruff from your hair. Take 1 teaspoon of black tea and prepare one cup of tea after boiling the tealeaves for 5 minutes. Add 1 tablespoon of vodka and castor oil to the tea decoction. Once it cools, apply the mixture on your scalp and hair. Tie your hair with a towel and leave it for 3 hours. Then wash your hair with warm water. If you repeat this procedure twice a week, the dandruff will get away very soon.


In this way, black tea promotes the hair growth in several ways. Above all, if you have damaged your hair by using excessive shampoo, use black tea rinse. It would not only restore the shine but also add bulkiness to your hair.


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Black Tea For Hair Growth