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Nettle Tea For Hair Growth

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Nettle tea for hair growthUsing nettle tea for hair care is valued for its effect on the growth of hair and making the strands softer and shiny. The herb is rich in iron and is especially good for oily hair as it controls the oil production. It also darkens the hair so do not use it if you want your hair to remain light colored. You can use the tea as a beverage or a hair rinse and tincture to have healthy hair.


Nettle Tea Hair Rinse


Boil two cups of water and put handful of dried nettle tealeaves into it. Cover the vessel and let steep for 20 minutes. Strain the liquid and allow it to cool before applying on hair and scalp.


Use Of Nettle Tea Hair Rinse For Hair Growth

Apply the nettle rinse on damp shampooed hair. Starting from the roots, pour the nettle tea over the strands. Use your fingers to ensure that each of the strands get soaked into nettle tea. Repeat the process until you use all the nettle tea rinse and then finally rinse your hair with water so that no nettle tea remains in your hair. This is one of the effective ways to use nettle tea for hair growth.


Nettle Tincture


You can use six – seven fresh nettle leaves or two spoons of dried leaves in preparing nettle tincture. Put the leaves in half a litre of alcohol and allow the mixture to macerate for ten days before you apply it on hair.


Use Of Nettle Tincture

Apply the nettle tincture on the roots of hair and gently massage the scalp. It will help in eliminating dandruff and making the hair silky. The nettle tincture is also effective in strengthening and revitalizing the hair and thereby promoting the hair growth.


Thus, bear in mind the abovementioned methods of using nettle tea for hair growth and get rid of hair loss.


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Nettle Tea For Hair Growth