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Rosehip Oil For Hair Care

Rosehip oil -  From nature's blossoms Rose hip oil is extracted from the seeds of the berry-like fruits or rose-hips of the wild rose bush family. Knowing the properties of rosehip oil for hair care can bring back the lost glory of your hair, which once made you feel supreme. So let us explore the benefits of applying rose hip oil on hair.


Benefits of rosehip oil on the hair


Naturally endowed with hair care nutrients such as vitamin C, flavonoids and caretenoid pigments; rosehip oil offers innumerable health benefits. Let us delve deeper into those benefits, which apply for hair care.

•    As mentioned, rosehip oil is enriched with Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant. The antioxidant property of the oil helps to fight the free radicals, which cause cell damage. Therefore, applying rosehip oil on the hair keeps the hair cells young by fighting the free radicals, thereby preventing hair-loss as well. It is an established medical fact that deficiency of vitamin C can lead to serious hair-loss problems.

•    Apart from vitamin C, rosehip oil is also fortified with essential fatty acids such as oleic acid and linoleic acid. Oleic acid is an omega9 fatty acid, which is an important component of the cell structure and, is crucial for optimal cell functioning. Linoleic acid is an omega6 fatty acid, which is important for hair growth. Deficiency of either of the omega-n fatty acids can lead to dryness and brittle hair. Additionally, their critical ratio present in the body system also determines the functioning of the omega 3 fatty acids, which as we all know is associated with health and wisdom.

•    Another benefit of applying rosehip oil on the hair is that it has deep moisturizing properties, which helps to prevent scalp dryness and hair-problems manifesting there from.

•    The presence of retinol or retinoic acid in rosehip oil again turns to be advantageous for hair care. Retinol has anti-aging properties, which help to rejuvenate the skin-cells. It is by the virtue of this property  the oil helps to heal scars because it helps in the “turnover” of skin cells. Retinol also protects the skin cells from damage due to exposure to UV radiation. So yet again, the hair gets a protective coat from rosehip oil.

•    Rosehip oil can be used as carrier oil with other fragrant oils while massaging the hair by helping you derive the twin benefit of rose hip oil and other essential oils. Additionally, the oil is easily absorbable.

Now that we know the benefits of rose hip oil for hair care, here are a  few tips to use it.


Treatment plan with rosehip oil for hair


•    Massage rosehip oil mixed with a few drops of lavender oil on the scalp with your fingertips so that the oil penetrates deeply.

•    Leave it for minimum 30 minutes and shampoo your hair the next morning.

With the revitalizing rosehip oil for hair care, give those strands the essence straight from the fruit of nature, and; feel and see the difference!

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Rosehip Oil For Hair Care