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Greasy and Oily Skin: [Herbal beauty Series -Part 10].

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Herbal Beauty - part 10

I have discussed Normal, and Dry skins earlier. Now we will discuss the Greasy and Combination Skins as below.

--1---Greasy Skin--A greasy skin looks shiny, thick,and dull coloured.The sebaceous glands produce more oil than needed, thus making the face greasy and enlarging the pores.It often has blackheads and is prone to acne.

2---Greasy skin requires more cleansing than other skins.Grease tends to pick up dirt and grime which clog the pores and produce black heads. Wash the face in the morning , at mid-day and in the night before going to sleep, soap and water. In the evening remove all traces of make-up with a cleansing cream.  Use a milk skin tonic. The toning will improve the circulation and texture of the skin. Moisturizing a greasy skin is not essential, but you may use a non-greasy moisturizer only in the day.

3---Combination Skin;---This type of skin is treated as two individual skins.This skin usually has dry cheeks and a greasy centre panel. Cleanse the centre panel with an astringent or strong skin tonic and the cheeks should be treated as you would treat dry skin.

4---Ageing;---Without care your skin can make u look much older than u actually are. In the present age where science of beauty care is progressing fast there is no reason to be left behind in either knowledge or personal care. There is nothing as flattering as a flawless skin. Women wait for a problem to arise before they start caring for their skin, but before they know it, it is gone forever.The skin must be studied individually and carefully, without any make-up, in front of a mirror with adequate light.Every line of your face has a different story. Even the most flawless skin has problems, such dry or oily areas, oily patches, clogged pores. uneven colour, allergic phenomena. The skin constantly undergoes changes depending on weather conditions and artificial conditions, environmental pollution, nervous tension, insomnia, tranquillisers, sun and wind. All these factors accelerate to a large extent the ageing process.  Cleansing, toning, moisturizing and nourishing are the essential routines to be followed by every women,etc.

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Greasy And Oily Skin: [Herbal Beauty Series -Part 10].