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Normal and Dry Skin care tips

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Hi. i, lovers. Herbal Beauty - part 9 I have already described that fresh fruits is good nutrition for our body skin. The colour and softness of skin are also directly related with our daily foods and our living style too. Today we will discuss type of skins and how to care for it. -1---Normal Skin;---A healthy, normal skin is unblemished, velvety, smooth and supple, with no enlarged pores or flaky dead cells. There may be occasional pimples just before menstruation in women when increased hormonal activity causes the sebaceous glands to be overactive, but acne is certainly not a problem for people with normal skin. In the morning cleanse your skin with plain water, soap and water, face-washing grains or rose water.In the evening remove all your stale make-up with cleansing cream, then apply a mild skin tonic.Always use a moisturizer in the day under your make-up. 2---Dry Skin;--Dry skin is flaky and dull looking, especially on the cheeks and around the eyes;Even in the teens fine lines may appear on the cheeks, under the eyes and at the corners of mouth. Dry skin has a tendency for broken veins, flakiness, dry patches, reddened and sore skin in cold weather. A dry skin needs a lot of care. The oil glands are not supplying enough lubrication to the skin and the skin becomes dehydrated. 3---If your skin is really dry, adopt suitable measures. If neglected, it turns into wrinkles and lines. Cleansing should be done with a cream, followed by a very mild tonic like rose water or a herbal infusion to remove the remaining traces of oil and to have the skin feeling fresh.wash the dry skin with water and scrub.If you fear it will overdry your skin, use enough of moisturizer afterwards. 4---Try washing with milk. Instead of soap, you can also use oatmeal or almond meal.Lubricating and feeding are essential for this type of skin. Never go out without a moisturizer at night.If your skin is feeling particularly dry ,restore it with a rich nourishing cream, then blot off the excess cream after about 20 minutes. The skin will have absorbed all the cream in ten minutes and the excess will only block the pores of your skin. the remaining types of skin would be discussed in next chapter. big khan

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Normal And Dry Skin Care Tips