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Diet tips for skin care

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Hi, i, lovers. Herbal Beauty Series -part 8 We will see the food stuff that are helpful in keeping our body skin fresh, soft and elastic in this series issue. The details are given below; 1---Diet is a vital importance for skin and no skin can be healthy without proper nutrition. Try to avoid too much of carbohydrates, sugar,fried and greasy foods, cakes and alcohol which can cause blemishes and blotchiness on the skin surface. 2---Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. the skin needs vitamins, Vitamin-A aids circulation and a lack of it shows in drying, scaliness and a weakness of the epidermis. 3---Vitamin-B, is recommended by many dieticians to clear the skin of spots and as an aid to healthy hair. 4---Vitamin--C is necessary to purify and vitalize the blood stream. 5---Vitamin--E makes the skin appear more youthful. The skin also produces Vitamin D through the action of sunlight upon it. Drinking sufficient water[atleast 8 glasses a day] improves the complexion. But donot drink in between meals. 6. --Types Of Skin.It is essential to know your skin for choosing the right skin-care routine. An easy way to discover what type of skin you have, is to wipe your face with a dry tissue early in morning soon after you leave your bed. Your type can be determined as follows; If there is oil on it, you have a greasy skin, if you have grease only in the centre panel, then you have a combination skin. If there is no grease on the tissue at all, you have either a dry or a normal skin. To check a dry skin, wash your face with soap and water. If your skin is left feeling streched or too tight, shiny and parched, it is dry. If the skin feels smooth, supple and elastic, it is nomal. normally your skin will fall into one of these categories. we will discuss it in the next issue big khan

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Diet Tips For Skin Care