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Pumpkin Seed Oil For Hair Care

Pumpkin seed oil You would have always savored the healthful pumpkin seeds with a zestful crunch so how about revering it for its extract in the way of pumpkin seed oil for hair? There are quite a few mega benefits of using pumpkin seed oil on hair as the omega 6 fatty acid -rich oil covers a wide spectrum of health and medicine.


Benefits of pumpkin seed oil on the hair

From regulating cholesterol levels to being an assuager for IBS(irritable bowel syndrome), pumpkin seed oil has a popular culinary portfolio used in salad dressings, desserts etc, but the rich nutritional profile of the oil with a wide range of vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids makes it advantageous for hair care. Let us see how.

•    Pumpkin seed oil is rich in Vitamin E – the vital vitamin for hair and skin care. Vitamin E is a good moisturizing agent which helps to keep the hair-follicles hydrated. Moisture is important for hair growth deprived of which the hair can become brittle resulting in hair loss. The vitamin is also a powerful antioxidant which cell-damage causing free radicals. Thus applying pumpkin seed oil on the hair helps to premature hair-loss as the hair-cell structure is coated with the power of antioxidants.

•    The oil is also enriched with omega 6 fatty acids, namely the linoleic acid. This is one of the essential fatty acids which is not produced by the human body and therefore should be included as part of dietary supplements. It is well know that omega 6 fatty acids are crucial for normal cell functioning and linoleic acid’s deficiency can lead to dry hair and subsequent hair-loss. Linoleic acid promotes hair growth.

•    Pumpkin seed oil is fortified with phytosterols which makes it even more important to apply pumpkin seed oil on the hair. Phytosterols can play a vital role in  hormone production of the body, whose depleting levels can trigger hair-loss.

•    Another reason for you to apply pumpkin seed oil on the hair is that it is enriched with Vitamin K. Now, vitamin K in tandem with Vitamin E can do wonders for your hair  Studies have found that vitamin K in combination with A and E can aid in repairing damaged hair.

Pumpkin seed oil is used in mix with other carrier oils and also in aromatherapies and therefore is an essential oil

Now that we know the benefits of pumpkin seed oil, let us gather some tips on how to use it.


Treatment Plan with pumpkin seed oil for hair


•    Mix a few drops of pumpkin seed oil with olive oil and massage the scalp with your fingertips.

•    Allow it stay for minimum 30 minutes.

•    Rinse your hair with shampoo.

The above treatment plan can be practiced up to 2 -3 times in a week.

The benefits of pumpkin seed oil for hair spell strength and volume for healthy, youthful-looking tresses.

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Pumpkin Seed Oil For Hair Care