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Henna Oil For Hair Care

Henna OilLooking for a camouflage for your hair? Try the body-art specialist henna oil for hair care which offers the best alternative as a natural hair-dyeing agent. There are other benefits as well of applying henna oil on the hair.


Benefits of henna oil on the hair


Henna oil has been passed on as an heirloom since the Egyptian age as its purpose served more than dyeing and, the plant scientifically referred to as the Lawsonia Enermis has been hailed by Ayurvedic sciences to heal many an ailment.

Not to mention henna has also been applied to body art. So let us explore the benefits of henna oil on hair.

•    Henna oil is a natural conditioner. The oil contains a protein, which has the ability to bind with the protein present in the hair cuticle. This helps the hair to grow strong and also makes henna a good substitute for dietary protein supplements.

•    Applying henna oil on the hair also reveals another benefit in the way of its antimicrobial properties. The oil helps to ward off infections (fungal, viral and bacterial) in the scalp thereby giving a healthy base for the hair to grow.

•    One of the solutions to get rid of dandruff is to apply henna oil on the hair. The oil’s antifungal properties come to the forefront in the battle against dandruff. Hair-loss due to dandruff can be prevented with the usage of henna oil.

•    Henna oil also helps to improve blood circulation in the scalp because of its cooling effect. This in turn helps to stimulate hair growth.

•    Henna oil is astringent by nature which means it helps to balance the pH levels. It is the pH level, which controls the sebum production in the scalp. Excess oil production in the scalp can lead to greasy or sticky hair whereas low oil production leads to dry, brittle hair. Being an astringent, applying henna oil on the hair, helps to maintain the pH levels.

Henna oil due to its natural binding property with the hair protein can stimulate hair growth and also make up for the receding hairline.

Now that we know the benefits of henna oil, let us gather some tips on how to use it.


Treatment plan with henna oil for hair care

•    Add a few drops of henna oil to olive oil and massage the scalp with your finger tips.

•    Allow it to stay for minimum 30 minutes.

•    Rinse with a shampoo.

The above treatment plan is to get soft, conditioned hair and should be followed minimum 2 – 3 times in a week.

There is more to the burgundy color imparted by henna leaves as the extract in the way of henna oil for hair care goes scald-deep beyond the camouflage!

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Henna Oil For Hair Care