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Fruits For Hair Loss

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Hair loss and fruitsEating fruits for hair loss treatment has been recommended for ages. This is so because hair loss is several times an outcome of nutrient deficiency. Our hair also requires appropriate nutrition and  support of a balanced diet to grow and strengthen. Fruits being a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and other trace elements ends up being an essential requirement for proper hair health.


Control Hair Loss With Fruits

  • Hair loss and fruits have a direct relationship so you eat more fruits and have less hair loss. It is recommended that a good amount of fresh and ripe fruits should be eaten daily to promote hair growth. If the fruit is juicy in nature like melons, it would be more fruitful.


  • Vitamin C is very necessary for the growth of hair follicles. If our body has enough of Vitamin C, hair loss would automatically retard. So, fruits rich in vitamin C like oranges, amla, lemon, grapefruits are always good for hair growth.


  • Eating apples daily would promote hair growth as it is rich in iron that prevents hair fall.


  • Amla or Indian Gooseberry is considered good for hair. It can be eaten directly or taken in the form of juice. One can also massage the scalp with amla powder along with egg yolk to stop hair fall.


  • Lemon is very effective fruit for hair loss. One can scrub it directly on scalp to get rid of dandruffs which is one of the factors behind hair fall. Equal amount of lemon juice along with amla juice should be used as a shampoo to retard the hair loss.


Thus, follow the above mentioned guidelines on fruits for hair loss, they would certainly stop the hair fall and help in their growth.


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Fruits For Hair Loss