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Walnut Oil For Skin

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Walnut Oil for Skin is renowned for its nutty flavor and its vast repertoire of therapeutic properties. It is used as a carrier oil generally, in conjunction with other essential oils instead of being used in isolation. Let us now see what benefits of walnut oil for skin can be utilized for beautifying and nourishing our skin.



Constituents and Effects of Walnut Oil for Skin

The heavy oil has a host of benefits when it is used topically on te skin. Apart from soothing and moisturizing the skin effectively thanks to the numerous unsaturated fatty acids present in it, the heavy oil can make an excellent nourishing product for the skin. It consists of almost all the vitamins beneficial to the body namely Vitamins A, C, K, E. Micronutrients in the form of cobalt and zinc help in enlivening the skin and its capability of removing wrinkles from the skin is often utilized to get rid of surgical scars by regular application on the affected area.


How to Use Walnut Oil for Skin

The best way to utilize its benefits on the skin is to apply the oil by massaging it within the skin. A number of skin products containing the oil can be used too, however, most of these will provide you with small quantities of the oil on account of its high price. The major benefits that we can hope to derive by using walnut oil externally are in:-

  • Removing wrinkles
  • Healing fungal infections. It is particularly effective against Candida infections.
  • Curing psoriasis and eczema completely.
  • Treating ulcer sores
  • For subsiding skin inflammations
  • For moisturizing the skin.



The benefits of walnut oil for skin are negated when applied on a sensitive skin which may develop allergic rashes. Use of the oil is also not recommended for people with duodenal ulcer or GI tract ulcerative conditions. Pregnant women need to take medical advice before including the oil as part of their beautification regimen.


Still worried about skin care? You needn’t be, now that you have learnt all about walnut oil for skin and the benefits associated with it.

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Walnut Oil For Skin