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Mustard Oil For Skin

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Mustard Oil  For Skin	Not many may use Mustard Oil  For Skin health. However, it is an excellent emollient. Surprising? Well, it has been used on the skin since time immemorial  especially in older cultures of India, Rome and Greece. The yellow and slightly pungent smelling oil can perform miracles when used on the skin.

Effect and Constituents of Mustard Oil for Skin

The oil extracted from mustard seeds is full of beneficial elements like the zinc, iron, calcium and other minerals which make it a healthy option indeed! The presence of Vitamin E and A along with Omega Alpha fatty acids make it a very effective emollient for skin massage. Studies have revealed that new born infants have a tendency to put on weight and gain in height much faster when regularly massaged with mustard oil.

The presence of Allylisothiocyanate in the oil makes it a potent anti microbial agent.


How to Use Mustard Oil for Skin

  • Massaging your body well with mustard oil just before a bath improves the blood circulation giving you a sense of well being.
  • The massage with oil also promotes sweating thereby removing excessive salt and water from the body. An effective way of staying fit in tropical climate where humidity is high.
  • Helps the skin to stay nourished in winter too. One of the most important benefits of mustard oil for skin is its ability to warm the body along with its anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.
  • Ringworms are eradicated from the skin completely on application of mustard oil externally.
  • Mustard oil is also very effective on the itchy and painful sunburnt skin. Topical application will bring down the redness and swelling considerably removing the tan as well.
  • Mustard poultices on the chest especially on children is highly effective and clears up respiratory tract congestion.



  • Some countries have banned the use of mustard internally although it is used as a cooking medium in other countries.
  • People with mustard allergies need to avoid using the oil either for cooking or on the skin.


Using mustard oil for skin is preferred by people residing in tropical countries and there is absolutely no reason why this beneficial oil shouldn’t work for you too.

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Mustard Oil For Skin