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Natural Beauty Care

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Hi,, lovers,it is already expressed in previous part-4,the roles of differents herbs on the ruptures and infected skins .now we will discuss the beneficial effects of other importants herbs use in our daily life. here is the list and function of differents herbs, below; -

1--CARROTS;--It is very common,vegetables available every where and all seasons.very rich in vitamin-A,suficient quantity of iron and other minerals found in it. it isused from raw to make deliciuos sweet forms called [HALWA] ,also,its pulp used in cleansing mask.carrots oil is used in nourishing eye creams and the juice in face masks.

2--COMFREY;--Aplant that likes moisture,comfrey flourishes in ditches and other damp places.its bell -shaped flowers are pinkish blue and hang in clusters.comfrey is known to the crusaders as a wound herb and for repairing broken bones and battered bodies. for eye injuries prepare a cold compress.

3--CORN OIL;--A heavy vegetable oil which can be used in body and face creams.

4--CORN MILK;--Used on dry skin.very rich in vitamin-A and magnesium,usefull for good digestion.

5--CUCUMBER;--It is very usefull in morning break fast,specially very usefull in hot weather,it is slightly astringent, cool and is also used in lotions,creams and masks.

big khan.

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Natural Beauty Care