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Castor Oil For Skin

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Castor Oil For Skin

Castor oil for skin is as effective as it is for healing the body. Its property of getting absorbed deep into the skin on account of its extremely low molecular mass helps the skin to heal quickly.

Effects of Castor Oil on Skin

The unpleasant smelling thick and viscous oil is choc-a-bloc with antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties. Multiple benefits of the oil include pain and inflammation relief from arthritis and rheumatic conditions. It is also used as a base for many medicated soaps, shampoos, and other topical products, and is considered to be more of a medicine than a mere beauty product.


Constituents of Castor Oil

Ricinoleic acid is the primary constituent of the oil and is responsible for its anti inflammatory properties. It also contains a good amount of isostearic and succinic acids along with esters which makes it an excellent skin conditioner. Castor oil is also used in a number of anti fungal and anti biotic ointments.


How To Use Castor Oil on Skin

The healing properties of castor oil for skin help it to become considerably more than a beauty product. However, it is used in a wide range of cosmetics including lipsticks.

  • Applying the oil to eyebrows and eyelashes before going to bed helps in thickening the eye lashes as well as the brows.
  • One of the benefits of castor oil is that it  keeps the hands soft and supple on regualar application on skin. The nail cuticles are also softened by regular usage of castor oil thereby helping to keep the nails strong and lustrous.
  • Applying the oil all over the body helps the skin to stay moisturized relieving the numerous aches and pains from it.
  • Applying castor oil for facial skin also helps in reducing acnes which is a boon for many despite it unpleasant odor.
  • Skin infections like ringworms, eczema, and dermatitis are lessened considerably with regular usage of the oil as well.


Contraindications & Precautions

The packs made with castor oil are not recommended to be applied on pregnant women, patients with ulcers, or to a bleeding wound.


The castor oil for skin was thought to be panacea even a few years earlier prompting a popular quote that said, “ Castor oil is like good advice, easy to give but dreadful to take”.

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Castor Oil For Skin