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Natural Beauty Tips

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Dear, lovers, already we have discussed about the herbal benefit of, betony, blackberry and basil etc, now we will discuss the herbal benefit of cabbage, calendula and camomile follow;

1 CABBAGE;----Rich in vitamins and minerals,it is mainly used as raw in salad.wash your face with the water

it has been cooked in.

2 CALENDULA;----Its flowers and leaves are very beneficial for clearing the skin of eczema, spots and grease. it is claimed to be is also widely used as a homeopathick medicine and its function is like anticeptic medicine.

its application on ruptures skins are like magic.

3 CAMOMILE;----It is found in many waste places.camomile is a very familiar weed having daisy-like flowers and feathery grey-green leaves.the whole plant has a distinctive smell similar to over ripe infusion of leaves and flowers of this plant,fresh or dried,has a wide variety of cosmetic and medicinal uses.camomile dissolves tumours,heals ulcers,expels worms,banishes tiredness.

treats many female a cosmetic,the herb can be used as a face-wash to clarify complexion,as a rinse to lighten fair hair.

camomile tea is a tonic,digestive and is sweetened with honey.

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Natural Beauty Tips