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Learn These Natural Beauty Secret Tips For A Hollywood Face

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Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Have you ever watched a Hollywood star and wished you knew her natural beauty secret tips? The beauty secrets for Hollywood face are no big secrets anymore. There are a few natural beauty secret tips that they adopt that help them ensure glowing, blemish-free skin. Here are a few natural beauty secret tips that you can follow to attain that gorgeous Hollywood face.


Disciplined lifestyle: All Hollywood stars follow a disciplined lifestyle that helps them maintain a healthy face and body. They drink lots of water (about 8-9 glasses) to keep their skin hydrated and wrinkle-free. They also maintain a good workout regime and sleep soundly for about eight hours a day.

Glowing skin and hair: Hollywood beauty Gwyneth Paltrow drinks plenty of water and protects her skin from sun using a good sunscreen lotion. Another lesser known beauty secret of Gwyneth is that she takes prenatal vitamins for her hair. Likewise every Hollywood star takes good care of their skin, hair and body through massages, body wraps, and sun protection.

To keep her skin in top condition Jennifer Aniston gets weekly facials, and alternates between seaweed and oxygen facials. Jen’s natural beauty secret tips involve a quick three-minute shower to avoid dry, dull and flaky skin.  She brushes her lips with sugar to rub off dull skin and make it fresh and pink. To keep her hair lustrous, Catherine Zeta Jones brushes castor oil through it. For her perfect smile, she brushes her teeth with mashed strawberries. Julia Roberts, on the other hand, soaks her nails in olive oil for a few minutes every week to keep them shining.

Good diet and workout: Maintaining a good diet and workout regime are some of the beauty secrets for Hollywood face. The diet should include plenty of green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and whole grains. Gwyneth Paltrow eats fresh organic food to keep her complexion glowing. Eating fruits of different colors ensures health glowing skin and longevity due to the presence vitamins in the fruits. Even if you are naturally blessed with lean body, you could ruin it by not working out at all. All Hollywood stars have a strict workout regime. A good example is Jennifer Aniston who swears by the benefits of yoga in keeping her well-toned and beautiful.

Good makeup: Well, a good makeup is as essential for a Hollywood face to look stunning as many other natural beauty secret tips. One of Angelina Jolie’s star secrets is the apt makeup that she applies on her face. She is the most understated beauty in Hollywood with her full lips and blemish-free skin. Since her lips are naturally stunning, she highlights her eyes every time she steps out, keeping her other facial features minimal and natural.

Remember a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Ensure you remain happy and laugh as often as you can. That will go a long way in making you look beautiful.

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Learn These Natural Beauty Secret Tips For A Hollywood Face