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Which Foods To Avoid For Sensitive Skin

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Foods to avoid for sensitive skin are one of the most sought after and common questions which often pops up the mind of people. People with sensitive skin are prone to outbreak of pimples and acne. The condition can be eased if they are informed about foods to avoid for sensitive skin.  Sensitive skin can be susceptible to bacterial infections. With healthy foods in your meal, you can bid adieu to acne and other skin problems.

These are few tips for avoiding foods causing gout.

Fatty and saturated food- One must cut down on fatty, oily and foods with saturated fat content. Foods like milk, butter, cheese are very high in fatty content. They further the complications and end up clogging the pores of skin. The oil in such foods is just enough to increase inflammation of already existing pimples and acne. They will ultimately cause severe breakdown of skin`s healthy cells as well. So keeping check on fatty foods is not only good for your pumping heart but goes a long way in restoring the youthfulness of your skin. It’s best to avoid them without any fuss.

Salty foods- The excessive intake of salts in your diet can accelerate the sebum production in your cells. This may lead to enlargement of acne and pores again blocking the pores. They also prevent any oxygen to enter to your cells which is not a good sign to a healthy skin. Some of the foods which fall in this category are canned and processed foods, French fries, burgers, pizzas, potato snacks, popcorn, market soups, and of course noodles.

Sugary foods- The action will be more appreciated if you can control your urge for sugary foods. They are the powerful enemy of acne. They are problematic in a way that they cause greater oil secretion and increased keratin production. Now both of these process traps bacteria and dirt which finally result into acne. Some of the foods here are chocolate cookies, cakes, doughnuts, sodas, candies, carbonated drinks.

Dairy foods- Yes, you must eliminate cheese, butter, margarine, or any high content dairy food product. They alter the hormonal conditions in unfavorable way and can thus contribute to more severe occurrence of acne.

Refined form of foods- Foods which are refined are nothing but complex carbohydrates. This will ultimately break down in simple sugars which are the cause of acne. Foods like white flour, pasta and white bread however do not directly cause acne but they play active role in increasing the sebum production in cells. This becomes great platforms for bacteria to grow and reproduce. The result is outbreak of acne.

Caffeine - In order to achieve maximum results to drive away acne, you should stay away from coffee. They increase the stress hormone level which causes acne.

The best results can be gained only by inviting healthy lifestyle. Not a big deal, it can be done by gulping more on fresh fruits and veggies. By doing so you will see a glowing, healthy skin in no time!

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Which Foods To Avoid For Sensitive Skin