How To Remove The Odor Of Apple Cider Vinegar From Hair

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vinegar can add lustre to the hair

A little vinegar added to the last rinse adds lustre and shine to the hair, or applying vinegar to hair helps get rid of dandruff, haven’t we all come across such tips innumerable times? There are tips on how to make hair look good with vinegar but hardly anyone tells how to remove the odor of apple cider vinegar from hair.

Vinegar may do wonders for the hair but the smell it leaves behind is not something that one would want in their hair.

Removing the odor from hair is a fairly easy task. Just follow these simple steps and remove the odor of apple cider vinegar effectively.

After washing your hair and rinsing it with vinegar, leave them open to dry naturally in air. Keeping them bundled up in towel will not help, instead leaving them to dry out in open will help to remove the odor of apple cider vinegar from your hair.

You can also massage tomato juice kept at room temperature, in removing the odor of vinegar.

Before rinsing the hair with water and vinegar mix, put 5- drops of clove bud oil to it and remove the odor of apple cider vinegar.

Yu can also add chamomile tea to the water-vinegar mix to remove the odor of apple cider vinegar. In fact since chamomile tea is in itself quite good for the hair, you can also mix vinegar and chamomile tea to prepare rinse for your hair.

You can also make use of witch hazel in removing the odor of vinegar from hair.

Adding herbs like mint and rosemary to the vinegar also helps in masking the smell of the vinegar. Put a few sprigs of dried herbs to the mixture of vinegar and water and put it in a bottle in a place where it can get lot of sunlight. Keep it there for a week or two and then strain it and use it to rinse your hair without the fear of getting stuck with vinegar stench in your hair.

You can also try and put a few drops of scented oils to the vinegar to remove the odor of apple cider vinegar. Mix the oil in vinegar and keep it for some time in sun to let the vinegar infuse with scent of the oil and then use this mixture of vinegar and oil with water to rinse you hair.

The next time you want to use vinegar for your hair, try any of these tips to mask the odor of vinegar and rinse your hair with it without worrying about the smell.

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Article information is good, but repeatedly you are saying the same story again and again...this is not quite easy to read....Vinegar is a hair conditioner, and can be used in many ways and so.. is much better