How To Drink Vinegar To Cure Acne

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vinegar for acne

We all have been troubled by acne at some point or the other in our life but did you know that you can use vinegar to cure acne! Yes. The normal everyday vinegar that we use so often in household cooking is actually a good cure for acne. 

Everyone knows that acne causes pimples on the skin in areas like face, back, neck, chest etc. and when they occur we try all sorts of remedies to just get rid of them.

But now instead of running after various tips and remedies, you can now use vinegar to cure acne.

There are many kinds of vinegar available in the market and you might be wondering which one to use. Apple cider vinegar is ideal choice of vinegar to cure acne.

Also make sure that you are using organic vinegar and not the chemical one, as it contains a lot of unhealthy chemicals.

Now that you know that vinegar cures acne, you must be wondering about how to use it to get rid of acne and how does it cure acne.

Well, vinegar is an effective bacteria fighting agent which contains elements like potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulphur, chlorine, copper, iron etc, which are important for the body.

How to use vinegar to cure acne is very important. Some people prefer to apply it directly to the skin but the best way is to drink it. As when you drink vinegar it cures acne by detoxifying your body and cleansing the insides, giving you a clear skin.

As vinegar is good for liver, kidneys, bladder, it helps in improving their function and in turn cleanses the body.

Drinking vinegar to cure acne can be a very nasty experience, so you can try mixing it with honey or green tea, which in turn is an excellent detoxifier, to make it taste better.

Many people also apply vinegar directly to the affected areas, but it is not always a good idea, as it might or might not suit the skin.

But when you drink vinegar, it acts in its own time and cures the acne.

Some people prefer to drink vinegar two-three times a day. When you drink it you can actually see the results within 2-3 weeks.

If you are bothered by acne problem instead of relying on various cosmetics that make claims to treat acne in no time, incorporate vinegar in your daily routine and see acne disappear effectively.

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What do you mean by drink vinegar it acts in its own time and cures the acne..rather i'll resort to some adding vinegar to my facepack...don't write like this,pissed up with your article...
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As you can see it mentioned in the blog that drinking vinegar is the best way to cure acne, as applying it on skin may not suit your skin. Also these remedies are tried and tested and have been advocated by many people who have felt the effects after using them. You may use the vinegar in your face pack but it is advisable if you do a patch test first before applying it on your skin.