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How To Remove Chicken Hair Before Cooking

How To Remove Chicken Hair Before Cooking? Before we get there, I need to tell you about this chick(not the chicken). There was this real dumb chick, I once knew. She was really dumb because till the day I told her that chicken meat came from chicken, she thought that chicken meat came from the freezer. I wonder how she managed to clear high school. But that would be a completely different story altogether. Maybe someday, I'll blog about it when I run out of topics. But she does have a point, you know. Who would want to remove chicken hair when you can buy it clean and chopped. Luckily, I have seen the times when removing chicken hair before cooking was still in practice. I'm sure that this practice has not spread to the cities. And because I know something about removing chicken hair before cooking, I'm going to give you some smart tips. But remember that all these tips work better if you are cooking at home, and not in a restaurant.


  1. If you have a freshly killed chicken in your hand, then do this to remove chicken hair. Boil water. Dip the whole chicken in it for 3 to 5 minutes. When you take the chicken out you should be able to pluck the chicken hair in no time.

  2. For the stubborn tail feathers; pluck them off using a tweezer.

  3. To remove the other tiny chicken hairs; use a crème brulee torch and scorch them away.

  4. Finally wash the chicken before you cook it.


Removing chicken hair before cooking might not be in the world's most desirable jobs list but it is definitely a doable job. Once you get the hang of it, you should be able to remove chicken hair like a professional butcher.


Hope my post helped you to tweeze those chicken hair out. Lol.



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How To Remove Chicken Hair Before Cooking