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Beauty Candy Brings New Fad To Food-Related Beauty Regime

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Ever heard of candies that could actually make you look beautiful? Curious? Find out what this is all about.
Beauty candy is a new fad introduced to the food-related beauty regime.

Beauty candy brings new fad to food-related beauty regime” announced a newspaper heading. Well, what is a beauty candy and how it challenges to dethrone cosmetic market by triggering a new wave of food-related beauty regime? The beauty candy claims to be the first sweet designed to enhance the beauty of the people consuming it. The beauty candy is designed by Brazilian socialite and entrepreneur Cristiana Arcangeli.

At present this beauty candy is launched as a part of the brand 'Beauty'in which was launched by Ms.Arcangeli in the summer of 2010. Arcangeli added that the new line will 'bring beauty to a new dimension' by being the first in a new category of food dubbed ‘alimetics’, which possess cosmetic properties.

No doubt, that the beauty candy adds new dimension to food-related beauty regime because it viciously discards the need of using the cosmetics and claims to “increase energy levels, boost health, slow down the aging process and improve skin complexion”. This beauty candy is known to be “sugar free, zero-calorie, sodium free, preservative free” and claims to be packed with collagen fibers and vitamins, which takes care of your beauty from “inside to outside”. There is some “moony “attraction to this candy too - it is accompanied by a ‘beauty drink’ which is marketed in eight flavors. As per the instructions you need to take this drink “cold and instantly”.

The manufacturers have already introduced it in the Brazilian market and British manufacturers are planning to introduce it to the British consumers by next summer. But within such a short time span the beauty candy has met harsh criticisms from unexpected corners. A concerned father-of-four Angus Kennedy said that the 'sweets and chocolates are meant to be enjoyed as indulgent treats, not as potential health or beauty aids.’ And he doesn’t want his daughters to approach these candies with the prejudice that it will enhance their beauty. He further lashed his criticisms on the candy by saying that 'It's morally wrong to promote such a concept to people. Beauty candy seems just like another cynical attempt to sell product by tapping into people's insecurities with their looks.' Angus Kennedy has served as a chief chocolate taster for number of confectioners and was involved in sampling new food products, sometimes years before they appeared on the market shelves. Angus is also serving as the editor to Kennedys confection magazine.

The manufacturers have taken strains to market this new entrant to food-related beauty regime as the one determinant which can stand for 'renewal, hydration, cellular protection, an increase in energy', and the least but not the last for 'willingness'. To which Angus reacted that the truth may be far from the advertising. He supported this claims by eating the 150 gm of beauty candy pack consisting of 80 candies for every day for the three weeks. He also added that being in the confectionery industry for last 25 years he has never heard of any such thing that claimed to make difference to food-related beauty regime.

You can choose from four flavors of beauty candy and you need to shell out costs £7.50 to own a packet of the candy. The confectioners have expressed concerns about this new entrant to food–related beauty regime ‘alimetics’ and the Beauty'in line. Angus expressed that once this beauty food appears in Britain many of the businesses will cash in on the novelty by triggering bizarre cosmetic trends. He further added that: 'the claims being made are, frankly, misleading. Yes, we all want to be more appealing but I bet Cristiana Arcangeli didn't eat beauty foods when she was young to make her look like she does.

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Beauty Candy Brings New Fad To Food-Related Beauty Regime