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How To Make Soft Spring Roll Skins

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learn the secret of making softer spring roll skinAre your kids fussy eaters - especially when it comes to vegetables? You are always trying to find ways and means to get them to eat their veggies? Then spring rolls are a great option for you to make them eat what they dislike. But you need to make spring rolls soft and crisp at the same time. Here is How To Make Soft Spring Roll Skins.

Home-made spring roll skins: To make Soft Spring Roll Skins, all you need is bread flour, cooking oil, water, egg and salt to taste. Mix egg and oil with water nicely and pour it in flour and make soft dough out of it. Press the dough until it becomes flexible and elastic. Keep it overnight in the refrigerator before making small squares of equal sizes of it. The egg and oil help make softer spring roll skins. You can also make a batter of these ingredients and make a thin pancake out of it after keeping it in a cool place for an hour. For details on making spring roll wrappers at home, follow ifoodtv links: 1. Simple Egg Spring Roll Wrappers Recipe; 2. Simple Veg Spring Roll Wrappers Recipe

Store-bought spring roll skins: Most Asian markets keep readymade spring roll wrappers. In order to soften the spring rolls’ skin, take hot water in a flat container and place all wrappers one by one in it and take them out immediately after five seconds. Keep them on flat dry surfaces.

Store-bought or home-made spring rolls are a crunchy and melting delight when you know how to make soft spring rolls!

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How To Make Soft Spring Roll Skins