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How to Treat a Hot Pepper Skin Burn

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Wondering how to treat a hot pepper skin burn? Read on to know some of the best remedies..

How To Treat A Hot Pepper Skin BurnAre you really irritated by the hot pepper skin burn you generally had after cooking something hot and chilly? The intense burning and pain sensation after using hot pepper seeds are some very common and annoying problem. But, we have some simple solutions for you. Just read on the the ideas to know how to treat a hot pepper skin burn.

The hot pepper seeds have this strong compound known as capsaicin, which is usually used to prepare different types of medicines and pain balm. The simplest solution would be to use gloves while handling hot pepper in order to avoid burning skin sensation. But, in case you missed that, following are some of the first aids to cure the burning afterwards.

How to Treat a Hot Pepper Skin Burn

1. The first thing that one should try after burn is to rinse the hands thoroughly. Use any antiseptic soap to take out the oily texture off your hands. Also, brush the nails properly with fingernail brush and soap.

2. Secondly, you should try to cool the affected area. The best way to do that is to dip the area in room-temperature water or cold water for at least 15 to 30 minutes immediately.

3. Aloe vera is considered one of the best options of curing skin problems. Therefore, you must apply some aloe vera gel or may be any simple antibiotic cream. Also, remember not to use any old fashioned home remedies such as butter and ointments. These things usually increase the chances of skin infections by heating up the skin cells internally.

4. Another very simple and helpful idea is dipping the affected area in some cold milk. The creamy and fatty milk work very well in soothing the skin as compared to water or ice.

5. You can even try dressing up the injury with soft bandage or fabric such as Gauze. Soft fabric is highly recommended as this will help the affected area in breathing properly without causing any further pain. This also prevents the wound to turn into a septic.

6. Also, if you notice some kind of secretion, you should immediately contact the doctor and take the pain killer or other medicine as suggested.

These were some of the simplest ideas on how to treat a hot pepper skin burn. However, if you feel the sensation and pain even after following the abovementioned ideas, you must a consult a specialist doctor.

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How To Treat A Hot Pepper Skin Burn