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How to Use Onions for Beauty Care

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While we all are aware that onions can make any dish delicious, how many of us really know how to use onions for beauty care? Yes, you read it right...Well, if you do not know of the amazing beautifying properties of onion, then, let me enlighten you. You have come to the right place as I shall share the secrets with you on how to use onions for beauty care. The strong smelling onions, which have often made us cry whenever we have tried to cut them, is now going to bring a big smile on your face by bringing out your hidden glow of beauty and glamour. But, before I give out the secret beauty tips using onion, let me first introduce you to its properties that make it such a trusted beauty enhancer.


Beauty properties of onion

First of all, onion contains sulphur, which is a mineral that’s very essential in maintaining the glow of your skin and shine of your hair. Sulphur is especially beneficial for oily skin, as it helps controlling the excess oil that the skin pores keep exuding every now and then. To top it, onions are wonderful cleansers. They can naturally soak up all the dirt and grease from your skin. Moreover, the antiseptic properties of onion kill all harmful bacteria thriving happily on your skin. Thus, with no bacteria and oil to stay on the skin, there are no chances of pimples or acne either. So, if you are now interested in knowing how to use onions for beauty care, read my tips and prepare an easy and effective beauty solution at home!

Things needed

For using onions for beautification, you first need to make a paste or a solution of certain ingredients, which you can apply easily on your skin. Start by collecting onions, water, carrots, turnips, aniseed powder, a grater and a glass cup. Next, follow the options below –

Options on how to use onions for beauty care

For blemishes – Refrigerate overnight, peeled onions soaked in a glass of water. Apply this solution to blemishes every day and see them fading away gradually.

For cleansing skin – Grate a turnip, carrot and onion and blend them to a paste with a tsp of powdered aniseed. Clean your face with this paste for a squeaky clean and radiant skin.

For hair – To add luster to your hair, use a paste of onion peel and water on your scalp after shampooing. Leave it on for few minutes and then wash off thoroughly with water.

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How To Use Onions For Beauty Care