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A Basketful Of Pandas- Cuteness Overload!

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China is a perpetual thorn in America’s side. There is no love lost between them. Yet both the countries gushed over the Giant Panda babies born in 2015 (10 in all). After all, the only thing surpassing a giant panda in cuteness is a baby giant panda.

Ten black and white live teddy bear like balls of fur were presented to the public of Ya'an, located in the Sichuan province of China. They are not all of the same age though. The oldest one is all of 2 months old while the youngest had just a week to glimpse the world.

‘Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center’ placed three of them in the forefront where the public watched their antics.

Panda Basket

You can also see 4 on the floor.

Pandas On Floor

WWF (World Wildlife Fund) says that there are only 1864 giant pandas surviving in the wild as of now. That makes them an endangered species. 2015 has been a good year for them though. Apart from the ten new babies born in China, the ‘Smithsonian National Zoological Park,’ Washington DC declared the good news of two cute cubs born to Mei Xiang, the highly popular Giant Panda inmate of the zoo.


Image Credit: imaginechina, taqafaliljami3

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A Basketful Of Pandas- Cuteness Overload!